Department of English



Clemson has a rich legacy of writers and thinkers. James Dickey played football for the Clemson Tigers long before he wrote the novel Deliverance. Barry Hannah wrote many of his early, iconic short stories while teaching in Clemson’s Department of English (1966-1973). Kurt Vonnegut, Joyce Carol Oates and Eudora Welty each contributed work to the pages of The South Carolina Review

In the first five years of the Annual Clemson Literary Festival, we have been pleased to continue this legacy by hosting the following poets, prose writers and journalists, listed below. If you wish to join this legacy by pledging your support, please contact Festival co-director Jillian Weise at Your contribution, in whatever capacity, will ensure that the students of today are the trailblazers of tomorrow. 

Chris Bachelder (2012)

Claire Bateman (2009)

Josh Bell (2010)

Doris Betts (2009)

Mark Bibbins (2011)

Tom Bissell (2010)

Sarah Blackman (2009)

Ashley Capps (2009)

Heather Christle (2012)

Brock Clarke (2008)

Leigh Anne Couch (2011)

Marcy Dermansky (2011)

Matthew Dickman (2010)

Camille Dungy (2008)

Dave Eggers (2008)

Blas Falconer (2010)

Keith Flynn (2009)

Richard Ford (2012)

Mindy Friddle (2009)

Kevin A. Gonzalez (2011)

Michael Griffith (2010)

Lev Grossman (2012)

Mark Halliday (2011)

Steve Healey (2012)

Brent Hendricks (2009)

Harmony Holiday (2012)

Major Jackson (2008)

Sheri Joseph (2010)

David Kirby (2010)

Jennifer Knox (2010)

Andrew Kozma (2009)

Maurice Manning (2012)

Rachel McKibbens (2010)

John McNally (2011)

Richard Michelson (2008)

Nancy Middleton (2011)

Rick Moody (2010)

Ron Moran (2011)

Keith Lee Morris (2009)

Oindrila Mukherjee (2011)

Donald Ray Pollock (2010)

John Pursley III (2009)

Michael F. Parker (2010)

Ron Rash (2008)

Josh Russel (2009)

Vivian Shipley (2008)

George Singleton (2009)

Rhett Iseman Trull (2011)

Laura van den Berg (2012)

Davi Walders (2011)

Ashley Warlick (2009)

John Warner (2012)

Kevin Wilson (2011)