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Science and Technology in Society
How does progress in science and technology affect society?  How can citizens develop useful opinions about issues such as cloning or nuclear power or protection of endangered species that involve complicated science and technology?

All students following the new curriculum are required to take one course (at least 3 hours) meeting the STS requirement.  In some cases this course may also meet another requirement at the same time (but there will probably not be enough such courses for everyone who wants them).  Courses meeting the STS requirement are taught in a wide variety of departments.

According to the general education guidelines, the objective of the new STS requirement is:

Students will study interactions among the natural sciences, technology, and society.  They will explore how these systems affect each other and are affected by humans.  Students will learn how to make informed decisions about science and technology in a social context.
For more information contact STS Program Coordinator, Prof. Pam Mack