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Group Fitness


Fitness Class Schedule

Starting on January 7, 2015, Group Fitness will be using a new online registration system that will allow you to reserve your spot in a group fitness class before you even step inside Fike Recreation Center! Click here for more information!

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Group Fitness classes are FREE to all members of Fike Recreation Center - valid ID cards must be presented for entrance. Schedules are available at the Welcome Center.

Late entry to classes is not permitted.

  • Schedule is subject to change.

  • If the university closes due to inclement weather, all fitness classes will be canceled until the university re-opens.

  • Please call (864) 656-7617 or email cufitness@clemson.edu with questions.

Interested in becoming a fitness instructor? Register for L S 1000-002 Fitness Leadership for Spring 2015!

Fitness Class Descriptions:

Yoga Flow: This class consists of a series of movements synchronized with deep breathing. Students will focus on building strength, flexibility, balance, and focus, and will leave the class feeling energized and refreshed. The aim is to fit all fitness levels, so anyone is welcome!  

Off the Barre: This class will combine ballet style movements for a full body workout. No prior dance experience necessary! Plus, get ready for a killer core workout without the lower back pain!

Pilates: This class is designed for everyone. Pilates increases balance, flexibility, and posture. Participants isolate their core muscles while sculpting the rest of the body. This class introduces the seven core principles of the discipline.

Core: This 30 minute class focuses on core strength which includes both the abdominal and lower back regions. Washboard abs incorporates stability balls, medicine balls, weights, body resistance, and more as it strengthens the midsection. Join us for this quick but intense workout.

Yoga: This class will guide you through the basic yoga postures and teach participants to maintain a healthy alignment of the spine while strengthening and supporting basic body movement.

Advanced Yoga Flow: A class targeted to those that have previously practiced yoga. A physically challenging class that consists of flowing through a series of advanced poses. This class provides an atmosphere to advance your practice, build strength and increase flexibility.

BOSU Blast: Come join us for a cardio class using the BOSU - Both Sides Utilized! This equipment is used throughout this class to strengthen the core and all major muscle groups. Come add a balance challenge to all of your favorite exercises!

Express Cycling + Abs: 30 minutes of intense cycling followed by 30 minutes of core work. There will be a short break in the middle for you to join in or sneak out!

Kettlebell & Kore:  This class will help kick all your fitness goals into high gear! The first 30 minutes will be spent using the kettlebell through two rounds of heart-pumping strength and cardio segments. Save the last 15 minutes to concentrate just on your core!

Kickboxing: Hit it or quit it! This class combines typical kickboxing moves including punches, kicks, and combos to make this an action-packed, super fun, and effective cardio workout!

Swim Clinic: This class is specifically formulated to build endurance and provide stroke refinement. Join us if you want to improve your technique and get a great workout! 

TigressFit: TigressFit is a group fitness oriented class that was created to provide individuals with religious and cultural affiliations new opportunities to exercise and recreate together. This class is reserved for women only.

Werk It: Dance off the calories in this hip hop inspired, easy-to-follow, dance fitness class!

Zumba: Salsa, cumbia, and merengue your way through this non-stop, get-down-and-dance, Latin-inspired, high energy workout!

Advanced Circuit Training: Approximately two to three 15 minute rounds of intense exercise that involves exercises for the upper and lower body, abdominals, as well as cardio work. Plyometrics and dynamic movement are incorporated to achieve muscle toning and body sculpting. If you want a challenge, this is the class for you!

HIIT: Stands for High Intensity Interval Training. Come experience one of today’s most popular fitness trends. This class uses a variety of equipment including kettlebells, dumb bells, jump ropes, and other equipment to make this the ultimate workout! 

Total Strength: Are you up for the challenge? Join us for 45 minutes of weight training with barbells and adjustable weights to build strength, tone up and boost your metabolism! Every muscle group is worked throughout the class to create a challenging but exciting workout each time. Don't miss out on the challenge!

Cycling: Pedal your heart out in this effective cardio workout through hill climbing drills, race pace exercises, interval work and pace pedaling while sculpting the lower body.

*Participate in all classes at your own risk.