Redfern Health Center

Frequently Asked Questions about ACTT

Is there a fee for the ACTT program?

Yes, there is a $75 fee for mandated students only. This fee covers the ACTT assessment, any case management with your referral source, and other costs associated with our ACTT program.

How can I get involved with the ACTT program?

By calling Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at 864-656-2451 you can schedule your appointment for your ACTT assessment. Students must provide the following information when calling to make their appointment: full name, XID number, birthdate, and telephone number where a voice mail can be left. Check out our specific information about self-referred and mandated clients.

What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

We ask that you bring a laptop or other Wi-Fi enabled device to complete your intake information, questionnaires, and surveys electronically at our MyHealth-e secure web portal following check-in for your appointment. For mandated students, you are expected to bring a completed copy of the ACTT Student Agreement & Referral Form, the completed Authorization for Release of Confidential Information (ACTT specific), and any other documents given to you by your referral source.

Can I attend the ACTT program if I am involved with PTI or AEP?

Clemson students can participated in the ACTT program and receive services similar to what they would experience through PTI or AEP but only after being approved by their referral source.

Will the ACTT Program let my referral source know I have completed?

Yes, after you have completed the ACTT assessment and any recommendations your referral source will be sent a letter stating that you have completed ACTT services at CAPS. A letter will be copied to you at the address you provide at your ACTT assessment appointment. Should your mailing address change prior to your completion of the program, please update your counselor.