Redfern Health Center

How to Refer to ACTT

The ACTT Program desires to assist mandated students with their referral source requirements while providing assessment, prevention, intervention, and treatment to the student in order to prevent alcohol and other drug related problems from occurring in the future. If you believe your student could benefit from our services, we ask that you view and complete the following information before referring a student:

•    ACTT Referral Fax Cover with Checklist
•    ACTT Student Agreement & Referral Form
•    Authorization for Release of Confidential Information (ACTT specific)

Once you have completed this information, we ask that you fax these forms to 864-656-0760. If you have any questions regarding the ACTT Program you may contact 864-656-2451 to speak with our ACTT Coordinator. Please be advised that we cannot provide you with any student information without a signed Authorization for Release of Confidential Information (ACTT specific); however, this does not prohibit you from sharing information regarding the student you’re referring to our program.