Redfern Health Center

Self-Referred Students for ACTT

A self- referred student is defined as a student seeking services of their own accord or at the recommendation of a concerned parent/friend regarding their alcohol and/or drug use and is not a mandated client or involved with any legal referral source (i.e. PTI, OCES, AEP). They are coming to the ACTT program because they desire to obtain assistance in addressing their drinking or drug use.

Self-referred students who have paid their Student Health Fee can receive services through the ACTT program at no additional cost for currently enrolled students.

How to access the ACTT Program

Students who want to access services can call CAPS at 864-656-2451 to schedule their ACTT assessment. Students must provide the following information when calling to make their appointment: full name, XID number, birthdate, and telephone number where a voice mail can be left.

What to expect at my first appointment

We encourage students to arrive thirty (30) minutes prior to their scheduled appointment time in order to complete necessary intake information, questionnaires, and surveys. We request that students bring a laptop or other Wi-Fi enabled device to complete this information.

At the time of the assessment, the student will meet with a qualified clinician who will listen to the student's presenting concerns and obtain information from the student to determine if services are needed. If the clinician feels the student meets criteria for services, recommendations will be made and may include individual counseling and/or group counseling. If the clinician does not feel a recommendation for services is appropriate they can assist the student with other resources on/off campus to help them with their presenting issue.

The ACTT program desires to develop treatment goals with the student and assist them with meeting those goals throughout the counseling process. By honoring the student’s right to choose, follow-through with the recommendations will be up to self-referred student.