Redfern Health Center

Clemson and Sober



To create a supportive environment for students in recovery, students supporting those in recovery and students who wish to live a sober lifestyle yet may not be in recovery.  We will strive to provide fun alternatives for college students in order to create an entertaining and enjoyable college experience while also strengthening their confidence and efficacy in their choice or need to stay sober.


Services for Students in Recovery

AA Meetings:  We will be holding weekly AA meetings in Redfern Health Center for Clemson Students in Recovery.  

Meetings are Tuesdays at 6:00 pm in the Redfern Library. 

Please contact for more information regarding dates and times.


Contact Information

Morgan Edmondson (Student Representative) | (678) 577-6630

Kelly Bollinger
Counseling and Psychological Services
Redfern Health Center
Clemson University | (864) 656-5803