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Sexual Violence Prevention

Sexual assault is a violent act using power and control. It is a continuum of violence which includes rape, incest, date and acquaintance rape, marital and partner rape, sexual harassment and voyeurism.

Relationship violence is when in an intimate relationship, one or both partners experiences physical, emotional or sexual abuse. Stalking is also a form of relationship violence.

Healthy relationships should have trust and mutual respect. Sexual contact should only be made when clear consent is given by both partners.

For more information on sexual health and violence prevention, please visit this site


To report an incident where someone has been the victim of sexual assault, contact CUPD at 864-656-2222, CAPS at 864-656-5034 or file a CARE report online at  To file a complaint, call OCES (Duputy Title IX Coordinator) at 864-656-0510 if the alleged perpetrator is a student and Access and Equity (Title IX Coordinator) at 864-656-3181 if the perpetrator is not a student.

The CARE Network is a system designed to provide students with a way to communicate their concern for another distressed student with the University. If you have noticed that a student has recently undergone an unusual or troubling change in behavior, file a CARE Network report at the above URL. 

If you need to know more about what to do if someone you know is assaulted, visit: