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Community and Ethical Standards

Integrity, Honesty, Respect: Your Responsibilities as a Clemson Student

Welcome to the OCES tutorial Integrity, Honesty, and Respect: Understanding Your Responsibilities as a Clemson Student. This tutorial is designed to help you as an incoming student understand the policies, student regulations, and other important details from the Clemson University Student Code of Conduct. While your participation in this tutorial is required as part of your transition to Clemson, we hope that you continue to learn more about your responsibilities as a Clemson University student.

While you are a student here at Clemson University, it is our expectation that you uphold the standards and core values of the Clemson University Community. We have defined our core values as Integrity, Honesty, and Respect. As a new student, whether you are an incoming freshman, transferring from another institution, or a new graduate student, Clemson University expects you to adopt these core values as your own. Also, the standards of our community can be found in the Student Code of Conduct. This tutorial will help you learn more about these standards. *Note: This is a University requirement which is separate from CU1000.

To get started is easy! Here are the steps to take the tutorial:

  1. Log into blackboard at bb.clemson.edu with your username and password

  2. Click on ‘Workgroups’ tab at the top

  3. Click on ‘OCESFall15’ Workgroup 

  4. On the Left, Click on ‘Code of Conduct Tutorial’

  5. Follow instructions and complete the exam at the end

If you have any questions, our office is available to assist you. You can find our information on the Contact Us page. Welcome to Clemson University, and good luck in all your endeavors this year. 


The Office of Community

and Ethical Standards