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How to Join a Student Organization

OrgSync@Clemson is your online gateway to involvement in student organizations at Clemson University.

Any Clemson University student, faculty, staff or alumni member with a valid CUID can create a user account and take advantage of the many tools and features in the system. You can browse student organizations, submit join requests and even start new organizations in OrgSync@Clemson.

The web-based platform streamlines communication and helps to build a stronger campus community for recognized student organizations (RSO). It has more than 35 tools to help students, officers, advisor and administrators manage day-to-day processes.

Once you have activated your Personal Account you will be able to join Clemson University’s recognized student organizations.

Activate your Personal Account

  • Go to OrgSync@Clemson

  • Login using your CUID and password.

  • New users will be prompted to create a user profile

  • Enter the requested information. You can even upload a picture of yourself. Click “Finished” when you are done.

  • You will then be taken to your Personal Account.

Join an Organization

  • Click “Join an Org” at the top of your personal account page.

  • You will see all recognized student organizations on campus listed in alphabetical order. You can search the listing by name, category or keyword.

  • Find a group and click “Join”

  • Note: To find out more about a particular group, click on the group’s name.

  • Enter the organization’s password if you know it or request to “Join” with a reason if you do not know the password.

  • You will receive an e-mail stating that you have been accepted as a member.

My Orgs

  • Once you have been accepted into an organization, you will be able to access that organization’s profile in the future by going to your Personal Account, scrolling over “My Orgs” at the top of page and clicking the abbreviated organization name.