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University Access Control Project


Beginning this year, gaining access to campus buildings will become easier for faculty, staff and students. A new initiative will standardize access to campus buildings by consolidating existing access control solutions, while also enhancing the security of university property on and off campus.


For faculty, staff and students, that means building access will be gained using just one card.


Over the past two years, a project team consisting of representatives from across campus have worked to identify requirements for a standardized access control program. As a result, key partnerships have been formed to create collaboration on the new system, including a new University Access Control Policy that will guide future investments.


In December, Clemson awarded a contract to A3 Communications for Genetec Security Center. Plans are underway to implement the new system and begin the development of key data integration and automation with existing enterprise university systems. The new system will use a more secure access control technology already embedded in the TigerOne card.


The project will take place over the next five years with the first two years focused on replacing existing systems. Once existing systems have been converted, the focus will shift to installing access control on the perimeter of the remaining facilities. The project is estimated to impact approximately 120 buildings and just over 2,000 doors, more than double the current number of doors on existing systems.


The future University Access Control solution will set a new standard for campus safety and security. The implementation of a single enterprise solution will introduce efficiencies made possible through automation and a common platform across campus. Look for more details on the project in the coming months.


To learn more, visit the CUPD webpage and review the "Access Control Policy".