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Online Photo Submission Information


Photo submission steps:

  • Navigate to the TigerOne Online Photo Upload portal

  • Follow the instructions to upload your photo

  • You will be notified via your Clemson email if your photo was accepted or rejected. (If you do not receive your email in your inbox, be sure to check your spam)

  • You can also check your status at the aforementioned web address.


Photo submission requirements:

  • Recent unedited front-facing color photo of yourself only. NO other visible people or objects
  • Cropped from just above the top of the head to the collarbone
  • Centered, full face view with a neutral facial expression or a natural smile
  • Facing straight ahead, eyes open, no head tilts
  • The background should be a solid color, a solid textured color (such as a professional headshot background), or have natural elements (foliage, water, mountains, etc)
  • NO hats, sunglasses, headphones or any other article that may obstruct the face or hair

Below is an example of a photo that will be approved.


Photo Submission Example 2



  • Focus on the Subject – you! The most important element of the TigerOne photo is identification.
  • Have someone else take your photo.
  • Pick a location with good lighting and a simple backdrop.
  • Some cellular devices allow for a “Portrait Mode” that creates focus on the face while blurring the background.
  • Seek background elements that complement your features. For example, if you have dark hair, seek lighter background elements to highlight your identifying features.
  • FYI smiling is encouraged!



*Attention off campus students and employees: Once your photo is approved, send an email to  tigeronecard@clemson.edu with your name, CUID number, and the TigerOne liaison in which you are requesting us to send your TigerOne card.  (List of Liaisons can be found on our Contact page)



Clemson University’s TigerOne Card Services reserves the right to refuse any photos that do not meet our requirements. Failure to adhere to photo submission guidelines is subject to appropriate University action as deemed necessary. Any photo that violates University policy will be referred to the Office of Community and Ethical Standards and/or Human Resources.



* Important: Please remember to bring your valid government issued photo identification card to obtain your new Clemson University ID card.  (Examples: U.S. Driver’s License issued by DMV, Security/U.S. Green Card, Passport book or U.S. Military ID Card. Note: Driver’s License’s stamped “void” and Passport cards are unable to be accepted per Homeland Security.)