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Clemson University/IESEG Dual-Degree MBA/MIB

Student reading outsideAbout the Dual-Degree

The unique dual-degree MBA/MIB between Clemson University and the IESEG School of Management affords graduate students the opportunity to earn complementary business degrees from two distinct and highly regarded institutions located in two of the most vibrant international business destinations in the world.

Students spend 21 months — one year in Greenville, S.C., USA, and one in Paris, France — studying with leading business faculty and graduate with two advanced degrees: a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from a leading U.S. institution and a Master of International Business (MIB) from one of the top business schools in France.

All instruction is in English, although students will be encouraged to study French. Instructional opportunities will be provided while in the U.S. and France. During the summer months, dual-degree students may choose to study in China or India through established Clemson and IESEG programs and/or will complete an internship.

Throughout the program, students are immersed in exciting learning and business cultures, which prepares them for global careers upon graduation. Further, students are provided the opportunity to build social and business networks in both locations, enhancing their business reach and leadership potential.

Students finish the program with a unique perspective and understanding of international finance, marketing, economics and management — from both a European and American perspective — giving them the competitive edge in the global marketplace.

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Key Facts

Duration: Four semesters (two at Clemson, USA - two at IESEG, France), full time
Tuition fees: For the year spent at Clemson, the tuition fee is 17,000 USD. For the year spent at IESEG, the tuition fee is 12.000 €uro.
Start date: Fall semester (September) at Clemson
Teaching language: English
Location: Greenville (SC, USA), Paris (France)

Greenville, SC
Photo courtesy of the City of Greenville, S.C.

About the Clemson University MBA in Greenville, S.C.

Located in a thriving corridor of international business, the Clemson MBA program in Greenville, S.C., offers students a living laboratory for learning. More international companies have located to this area in the past 10 years than anywhere else in the United States. Through this international business epicenter and establishments such as the Arthur M. Spiro Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership, MBA students have daily access to corporate leaders and entrepreneurs.

During the course of study in Greenville, students acquire core business knowledge and an opportunity for experiential learning unlike any other program in the United States. Leading faculty guide students to build a foundation for understanding business principles — from economics and ethics to management and marketing.

Hands-on learning opportunities complement classroom theories and give students a competitive edge in the marketplace.

campusAbout the IESEG MIB in Paris, France

Located in the largest business community in Europe — La Defense in Paris — the IESEG MIB program helps students develop multicultural competencies that lead to a systematic and global mindset.

The IESEG MIB program provides a sound understanding of world culture and international business practices. Building on the foundation provided by the Clemson program, the MIB expands the student’s capability to manage business within a variety of international contexts.

Students are offered an extensive portfolio of open electives that address topics such as international negotiation, cross-cultural management, sustainable development and global social responsibility.

To complete the curricula, there is a series of events in which students can interact with business, political and community leaders, furthering their experience. 

Dual-degree overview

  • Students experience an immersion in both North American and European perspectives on business.
  • All instruction is in English, although French language courses are available and students are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity. 
  • During the first year, students study business principles at the Clemson University campus in Greenville, S.C., USA. During the second year, students study international business with an opportunity to pursue a focus area in Paris, France.
  • During the summer between the two program years, students may participate in a two-month internship or study in China or India through established university programs.
  • The dual degree is particularly well-suited for students with a business undergraduate degree and a minimum of two years post-undergraduate work experience. Students with a non-business undergraduate degree or less than two years’ work experience may be considered, but additional foundation courses, as specified in the Clemson MBA curriculum, will be required.
  • The two degrees are awarded at the successful completion of the second year in Paris, France.

By studying business within these two locations, students truly get the best of both worlds: two internationally respected and complementary degrees, multicultural awareness and experience, and a lifelong network of professional peers and mentors.


  • The overall cost of the dual degree will be approximately $34,000 for international students, dependent upon exchange rates. 
  • Some exceptional applicants will be provided a competitively awarded, merit-based funding package — including an assistantship for the year in the U.S. and a scholarship for the year in France.
  • If awarded, the total funding package provides a stipend of $6,000 the first year and reduces tuition. In the second year, tuition is reduced up to 75 percent.

To Apply

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MIB in Paris, France:
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