Political Science


Vladimir Matic, with Kimberly Ingram (POSC 2012), receiving the National Scholars Program’s Awards of Distinction from soon-to-graduate Clemson National Scholars. Each year, the NSP invites seniors to present this award to the faculty and advisors who have served as mentors in helping the students develop intellectually, professionally and personally. The remarks the students made praising their mentors were inspiring.

Political Science Undergraduate Program

Political Science majors encounter a wide range of topics related to government and politics.  Our courses fall into several subfields—American politics, comparative politics, international relations, political theory, public administration and public policy. Through their studies in Political Science, students will enhance their knowledge along with their critical thinking and empirical skills regarding the academic study of politics.

The department has a reputation for undergraduate teaching excellence. Faculty members have won numerous teaching awards, including two Alumni Master Teacher Awards. 

Political Science Undergraduate Degrees

Political Science Minors