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Walhalla Mobile Clinic

Every Friday, the Sullivan Center staff travels to Walhalla, South Carolina to work from 8:30-2:30. Guided by nurse practitioners and other Sullivan Center staff, nursing students, health science students and even language students are given the opportunity to learn hands on what it is like to work in a mobile clinic. The clinic works with the health department in Walhalla, Oconee Medical Center and others to provide low cost health care to those who need it, especially to the growing Hispanic population in Walhalla. This clinic provides students with a unique experience in a rural setting and teaches the importance of culturally appropriate care. While the clinic is not devoted to Hispanic patients, most of the staff working in Walhalla speak Spanish fluently so Hispanics feel more comfortable in the bilingual setting. Clemson students have the chance to experience what it is like to work through a language barrier and how to work with a translator and provide exceptional care.

The Sullivan Center would drive their mobile bus, equipped with two exam rooms, to the health department and set up behind it to provide patient services. In 2013, they have been given the opportunity to use the space in the old health department to see patients, so you will not see the mobile outside anymore. This means more room for patients and the ability to see more patients.

The mobile bus will still be used to travel to Marietta, SC for the Migrant Health Program and various Best Chance Network clinics all over the upstate. You may click on either of these names to learn more about these clinics.

To make an appointment at our Walhalla clinic, call our office at 864-656-3076. Si necesita hablar con alguien en español, puede llamar Elizabeth McCall a 864-710-6661.