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Hormone Replacement Therapy

The Joseph F. Sullivan Center offers an Individualized Hormone Program.

Hormone Therapy Program
Nurse practitioners and clinical nurse specialists in the Sullivan Center work collaboratively with a women's health consultant to offer comprehensive assessment, education, counseling, and individualized program designs concentrating on natural hormone therapy. A holistic approach is used to blend natural and traditional medical practices to achieve the right plan for the individual. The Natural Hormone Program is designed to recognize that every person is a unique individual with their own set of values, lifestyles, coping strategies, physical attributes, personal experiences, and genetic predispositions.

Hormone Balance

When hormones are imbalanced, deficiencies of some and excesses of others can cause a variety of symptoms and chronic problems, as well as raise the risk of certain diseases.

Symptoms that may indicate an imbalance of hormones include hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, headaches, weight changes, mood changes, loss of libido, dry skin, and prostate problems in men.

The goals of hormone therapy are improvements in quality of life such as mood enhancement, increased energy level, reduction in severity of hot flashes and night sweats, increased libido and relief of vaginal dryness.

Hormone Testing

Saliva testing is used to measure the bio-available or "free" hormones in your body. Saliva testing is non-invasive and can be collected at home.

Blood testing can be used to measure hormone levels present in your bloodstream, including thsoe bound to proteins. Blood testing is done in a healthcare setting and requires blood to be drawn.

What is Hormone Therapy?

Hormone therapy is a treatment that can relieve the symptoms many women have before or during menopause. Regular doses of hormones are taken to supplement some of the natural hormones that change at menopause. The main female hormones are estrogen and progesterone.

Menopause is part of a natural aging process and not a disease. For many women, menopause is an easy transition, but some women have problems caused by the change in hormones--particularly by the decrease in estrogen. These problems may be helped by treatment that addresses hormone imbalance.

Hormone Options

Traditional or synthetic hormones are commonly derived from animal and chemical sources. They are prescribed in standardized doses and have been used for many years.

Bioidentical or natural hormones are derived from plant-based substances and are biologically identical to the naturally occurring hormones in the body. The dosages and forms of bioidentical hormones can be adjusted to an individual's needs.

Natural Hormone Program

"The classic definition of a hormone is a substance which travels from a specific tissue where it is released into the bloodstream to a distant responsive cell where the hormone exerts its characteristic effects. What we once thought of as a simple voyage is now appreciated as an odyssey, which becomes more complex as new facets of the journey are unraveled in research laboratories across the world." -Leon Speroff, MD

A Holistic Approach


Improving your diet can have a significant impact on hormone balance. Limit your intake of sugars and caffeine. Increase your whole grains, fruits and vegetables.A daily multivitamin is helpful in maintaining a balance in your body's nutrients. Other supplements may be helpful as well and can be tailored to your needs by your healthcare provider.


Physical activity can improve symptoms! Cardiovascular workouts such as walking, aerobics and swimming are all options to consider based on your own individual health.

Stress Management

Stress management plays an important role in symptom relief and control. Take time for yourself every day. Consider using yoga, meditation and/or deep breathing techniques to relax.

The Sullivan Center offers:

  • Comprehensive Education
  • Physical Assessments
  • Life Coaching and Counseling
  • Hormone Testing
  • Counseling on Hormone Therapy Options
  • Interpretation of Lab Results

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