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Patient Resources

This area of our website is designed for patients of the Joseph F. Sullivan Center. Here you can find information on various health topics, our services, and necessary forms you may need before a visit. Click on any of the links to learn more:

American Cancer Society: Click here to learn more about free services from the American Cancer Society, available to both patients and caregivers.

Best Chance Network: Click here to read about the Best Chance Network and to see if you or someone you know qualifies for a free screening.

Cholesterol: Click here to find out what cholesterol is and how to be proactive against high cholesterol!

CU4Health: Click here to learn about our Health Risk Assessment and Counseling program.

CU Quit: Click here to learn about resources to help you quit smoking today!

CU Walking: Click here to learn how you can start your own walking program and for some maps around Clemson's campus that you can use to get started walking!

Dermatology Clinic: Click here to learn more about the dermatology services that the Sullivan Center offers!

Diabetes: Click here to find out what diabetes is, how to recognize your risk factors and symptoms, and how to take action against this disease.

Hormone Therapy: Click here to find out about the Sullivan Center's Natural Hormone Program and for links to other important HRT information!

NeedyMeds: Click here to visit the NeedyMeds website which helps patients find resources to get their prescriptions.

Nutrition 101: Click here to find information on food groups, serving sizes, and more!

Thermogram Clinics: Click here to find out where the nearest "No Pain Breast Screening" will be.

Transcendental Meditation: Click here to learn more about this simple, 15-20 minute meditation technique, offered locally in Asheville, NC.

Workplace Wisdom: Click here for information from Clemson Sports Medicine about how to avoid pain from your working posture (including printable stretching routines and more).

Click here to go to the SCDHEC website and explore more in-depth information.