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CU Fit

Fitness Assessments at the Sullivan Center

Participants of the CU4Health program have the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive fitness assessment. CUFit is a program implemented by Clemson University Recreational Therapy professionals.  Accompanied by Certified Recreation Therapists, RT students assess your physical fitness and leisure activity. Students will help you with developing a personalized plan to incorporate recreation and leisure into your life to improve your overall health, wellness, and quality of life. 

During the hour session, students will assess your physical fitness level, including your upper body strength, flexibility, body composition, and aerobic capacity as well as ask some questions about your leisure interests, constraints, and personal goals. Once your assessment scores are calculated, students will help you with developing realistic and obtainable goals as well as identifying and using resources to help you reach your goals.

Although the assessment is not overly strenuous, we ask that you please wear or bring athletic clothing, water, and a snack to the session. Recreation therapists focus on making fitness enjoyable.  Individuals of all fitness and ability levels are welcomed! Come see how you can improve your health in a fun way! We want to CU PLAY!

Staying Fit On Campus and Around the Upstate

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