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Thank you for your interest in our sports communication major in the communication department. Our goal is to maintain our number of students to that which can be well served by our faculty resources. We strive not for quantity, but for quality in our group of student majors. The information detailed on this page applies only to currently enrolled Clemson University students who are seeking a change of major (e.g., changing from undeclared to communication, changing from psychology to communication, etc.). 

We provide a comprehensive and diverse sports communication education, but tailor our program to individual students’ interests and talents. This requires our undergraduate students to have clear, compelling reasons for majoring in sports communication, while pursuing a variety of minors. As a potential applicant, you should carefully consider whether a sports communication minor (which requires no application) or major is right for you.

We accept a limited number of applicants for transfer into the sports communication major each academic year. The change-of-major process is very competitive and we typically receive a high number of applications. This packet provides detailed instructions and information for composing an application to change your major.

Application Process

A committee of faculty members will review applications twice a year, according to the schedule printed below. Late applications will not be considered.

Semester Application Deadline Decision Date
Fall September 15 October 1
Spring February 15 March 1

Minimum Requirements to Apply

To be eligible to apply for admission to the Department of Communication, applicants must have completed 15 credit hours, including ENGL 1030 and COMM 2010 (with a B or better). Students must have a minimum GPR of 3.0 to apply. However, a GPR in that range is typically not competitive in the application process.

In order for an application to be considered by the department’s Undergraduate Admissions Committee, it must include a completed application cover page, statement of purpose (a quality response to the prompt requesting an explanation for interest in pursuing a major in sports communication), a brief writing sample (e.g., a completed paper from a previous class with the grade removed), an up-to-date resume, a current copy of the student’s degree progress report and a completed change-of-major form. The application cover page is included in this packet. There is also a check sheet available to help you determine if your application is complete. The change-of-major form can be found here as a PDF.

It is the student’s responsibility to insure that the application is complete. The Undergraduate Admissions Committee will not consider incomplete applications.

The department will mail notification of acceptance or rejection to students on or about the appropriate decision date noted above. If there are any questions about this process, please contact Lori Pindar, Ph.D., at 864-656-5747 or