Exchange accounts provide email, calendaring and scheduling, and other administrative activities (contact lists, to-do lists, tasks, etc.) for faculty and staff. Microsoft Outlook or Entourage email desktop clients are required for full access to Exchange accounts; Outlook on Windows support all of the services available via Exchange, while Outlook 2011, Entoruage 2008 EWS Editon, and Apple Mail (OSX10.6+) support most major features. Outlook Web Access also provides a web-based interface for access to your Exchange account.

Service Prerequisites or Dependencies

This service is available to all Clemson University faculty and staff at no charge. Users wishing to use the Exchange service, must enable both of the Exchange forwarding options in the email forwarding self-serv page.


The service includes email and calendaring and provides the following benefits:

  • Capacity for creating and maintaining Exchange mailboxes, distribution lists, and secured public and shared folders (with the ability to restrict access to specified groups.)
  • Provision for Active Directory (AD) accounts and passwords for Exchange authentication. Accounts will be created via eDir and synched with AD accounts
  • Provision for virus scanning and filtering
  • Provision for SPAM filtering on an individual opt-in basis
  • Capability to communicate with departmentally-owned BlackBerry or other hand-held devices
  • Provision for daily back-ups of the Exchange server for emergency recovery.
  • Back-ups include disk and off-site backups.
  • First-tier problem reporting through the CCIT Help Desk
  • End-user training on Exchange/Outlook email and calendaring through Online Training Roadmaps for Outlook and Entourage.

How to set up:

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