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Message Services - Google Apps for Education (GAE)

At the request of Clemson University Student Government, we have partnered with Google to bring Google Apps for Education to students. Google Apps was rolled out on September 17, 2007 which allowed students to use Google’s web-based email offering, Google Mail, with their email address.

Google Apps for Education accounts includes email, Google Talk, Google Docs and Spreadsheets, and a Calendar service for students and employees. Other services may be added in the future as they are available and appropriate.

As part of the Google arrangement, Clemson employees may also take advantage of Google Apps including Google Mail with their email address. CCIT recommends and supports Outlook as the institution’s primary email service; but because no single email service is 100% reliable, you may want to add Google Mail as an alternate offsite email service.

Service Links for Google Apps for Education

The Google Apps for Education portal

The Google Apps for Education email client or

The Google Apps for Education calendar

The Google Apps for Education documents and spreadsheets

The Google Apps for Education Community

How to use Google Apps for Education (GAE):

Go to the mail forwarding tool and select Use Google Apps for Education.

Choose yes and copy the password generated for your Google Apps.

Login to, accept the agreement and change your GAE password.

If you want to forward your Clemson mail to GAE, go back to the Email Control Panel and check the box to deliver email to GAE.

If you want to use another mail client instead of the web-based GAE account, configure GAE mail for POP access, then configure your mail client to pop mail off of GAE.

If you want to change your "from" address to, follow the directions in the guide "How do I customize the 'From:' address on outgoing mail?"

Detailed instructions for setting up your Google Apps for Education account are available here:

Terms of Service

If you choose to use Google Apps, and especially if you choose to use Google Apps as your primary messaging and calendaring service, please keep the following in mind:

  • Google Apps is hosted and supported by Google. Very limited support is available through CCIT.
  • All data will be stored by Google and CCIT will be unable to access and/or restore deleted data.
  • Google Apps will not be able to access Clemson resources such as meeting rooms. Calendaring for these resources is available only by using Exchange.

For more information, see our online FAQs . If you have questions or need assistance, contact or call the CCIT Customer Support Center at 864-656-3494.