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Women in Science Engineering Residence (WISER)

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The Women in Science and Engineering Residence (WISER) is a Living and Learning Community of continuing students majoring in engineering and science. The purpose of the program is to give students a network and study groups as they pursue their degree in engineering and science at Clemson University. For more information visit us in 158 Freeman Hall from 8 am to 4:30 pm.

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The purpose of the program is to give women the network and companionship that will help them to stay in engineering and science majors. Studies have shown that many women who major in engineering and science transfer out not because of grades, but because they feel isolated. The “WISER” Living and Learning Community will give these students a community to join within the larger Clemson University environment.


Mission Statement

In my years working with women in science and engineering, I have heard many concerns about the lack of female engineering and science students on the halls and in the classrooms. Their schedules included math, science, and engineering courses, and they longed for someone close by with whom to study and share notes. They wished for someone to talk to who understood what they were experiencing as women preparing for an engineering or science degree. Usually they studied more than women in other majors. After hearing their stories, I thought it would be great to have someone close by with whom they could share their experiences. The Women In Science and Engineering Living and Learning Community is our answer to the above issues. Although, “WISER” Living and Learning Community is a great place to study, it is still very diverse. Women in technical fields are involved in a number of extracurricular activities -- there are athletes, musicians, dancers, singers, band members, sorority members, water skiers and numerous others. The young ladies are also assigned a Big Sister-- an upper class female student majoring in engineering or science. The Big Sisters are known for given support, advice and assistance in adjusting to life as a Clemson engineering and science student. We are very excited about this new program.