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Kevin KuckukKevin Kuckuk

I’m a senior in mechanical engineering, preparing to graduate in May, 2015

Academics: Dean’s Lists, General Honors, 4 semester SI….

I’m trying to start my own applied technology business, but I also have a fallback job.

I enjoy almost all physical activities, especially “extreme” sports like longboarding, snowboarding, mountain biking, and kiteboarding. I also enjoy possibly the most extreme of all, things like hiking, golf, cooking, and gardening. I’m passionate about alternative energy, good food, and giving up greed for everyone’s benefit. A life goal is to engineer better options to accomplish all three.

As far as my tutoring style? It’s different with everyone, but I love to teach and learn always, and will get as off topic as you let me once we’ve answered the immediate question. I truly enjoy the opportunity to help my peers see things in new, more sensible (and hopefully useful) ways.