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Fall 2018 - Spring 2019 Program Application

Women in Science and Engineering Residence (WISER) is a Living-Learning Community specifically tailored to meet the needs of Sophomore women majoring in engineering and science. Women live together in Stadium Suites. The purpose of WISER is to give women the network and companionship they need in order to thrive in their respective engineering and science majors. Women interested in applying to the program should submit an application for acceptance.

Contact Information

Name:  CUID: 

Email Address:  Cell Phone: 

Current Address: 

City, ST Zip: 

Are you a student in the CECAS or College of Science? If so, which department Yes  No


Roomate Preference


Are you involved in the WISE Program?  Yes  No

If so, what program:

 WISE Choice
 WISE Experience

 It’s A Girl Thing
 Girl Scouts
 Project WISE

 Other (test bank, study sessions, etc)

Other Information:

Please list any subjects you would like to see offered at in-house tutoring sessions: 

Please list any suggestions or special requests you may have for this Living-Learning Community: 

Please list any hobbies, interests, or other information you would like to share: 

There is an additional fee of $180.00 per semester applied to your Clemson University tuition if you choose to live in WISER. This fee will be applied to your account at the beginning of the 2017 Fall Semester. This fee covers in-house tutoring and special programs for the community.

Students are still required to fill out housing through Clemson University Housing.

Student Pledge of Commitment

  • I am committed to the mission of WISER, which aims to foster a strong community of CECAS or College of Science students conducive to learning. I understand that the foundation of any learning community is its students, and its success depends on our ability and willingness to treat community members and others with respect and civility in and out of the classroom.
  • I understand that my participation in WISER is a year long commitment for the fall and spring semesters.
  • I understand that I must live on the WISER-assigned residence hall floor to participate in this program.
  • I understand that I must continue to pursue a CECAS or College of Science program of study to remain as a community member of WISER and reside in WISER-assigned housing.
  • I will attend any required events for WISER.
  • I will attend any requested tutoring sessions and/or study halls.
  • I will participate in WISER weekly/monthly meetings and events.
  • I will take an active role in establishing goals for WISER and will participate in evaluation and reflective activities.
  • I understand that if I do not meet these commitments, I will relinquish my WISER assignments.
  • I give permission for any photographs taken of me participating in WISER to be used by the university in publications and/or web site.
  • I understand there is a $180.00 per semester non-refundable fee to participate in WISER.

Note: CECAS- College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences

WISER Commitment:

  • We will provide a supportive and interactive living-learning community environment in a residence hall on campus for students interested in pursuing careers in CECAS or College of Science fields.
  • We will provide mandatory professional, social, and community events to participate within WISER.
  • We will offer WISER students opportunities to connect with other students interested in CECAS or College of Science fields on individual and group levels.
  • We will provide a WISER mentor who interacts within community-assigned housing, and helps facilitate community engagement among students living in WISER through community events/activities.
  • We will offer tutoring sessions to encourage academic success.
  • We will coordinate with CECAS or College of Science organizations, faculty, staff, and students to provide networking opportunities.
  • We will provide students access to special resources, programs, activities, and professional development opportunities each semester.

By submitting this form, I pledge to uphold the expectations of the WISER Living-Learning Community.

Please submit completed applications to:

Serita Acker, Mthrd
Director, Center for STEM Opportunity and Diversity
Clemson University
158 Freeman Hall
Clemson, SC 29634-0914
Voice: 864-656-7472 Fax: 864-656-1397