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PEER/WISE Experience


What is the PEER/WISE Experience?

Clemson’s PEER/WISE Experience (PWE) program offers a glimpse of what your freshman year will be like. This three week, optional introductory program is a great way to meet other students in your major while taking introductory classes in General Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, and Calculus. In addition, you’ll earn 3 hours of college credit.

When is this program? 

Summer 2021: July 7th ‐ July 30th 

What will I be doing?

This summer, PWE will be conducted using a virtual format. Students will have the chance to meet Clemson undergraduate/graduate students majoring in Science, Mathematics, or Engineering (STEM). They will also enjoy a wide array of virtual games and activities with current Clemson STEM students.

Why should I participate?

Students who have participated in the program say that it gives you a jumpstart on your college career. Freshman year can bring many changes, and this program helps make the transition easier. It gives you a good foundation and provides meaningful connections that can last a lifetime. Check out the info session to hear from some of our PWE alumni!

PWE Student Panel


You’ll find a variety of engineering, math, and science classes. These introductory classes review some objectives for achieving success at the college level. They’re designed to identify areas that may require further review while providing insight on real classroom experiences.

We will also provide a unique opportunity to learn how to study, apply critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

    • General Engineering - learn about the many Engineering majors at Clemson and find tools to help you in your first year of engineering.
    • Calculus - prepare for your first college Calculus course with this introductory review class.
    • Chemistry and Physics - prepare for your first college Chemistry or Physics course with this introductory review class.


More Information

Lisa Jackson, PEER Coordinator
(864) 656-6109

PEER-WISE Experience Brochure (PDF)