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Machining and Technical Services

Charles McDonald

Charles T. McDonald

Electronics Shop Manager
Machining and Technical Services
Electrical Engineering and Instrumentation

Phone: 864-656-3485
Fax: 864-656-7922


Educational Background

BS Electrical Engineering
Clemson University

MS Electrical Engineering Focusing on Controls and Robotics
Clemson University


  • Analog and digital circuit design PCB design and fabrication Microcontroller programming Control Systems design Instrumentation
  • Data Acquisition
  • Electrical Power Systems design


Engineering Assoc. III, Electronics Shop Manager at Clemson University’s MTS Department


Ultra-high vacuum ionization chamber design and fabrication

EE&ES Knee stiffness gauge embedded electronics and software

BioE Dynamic tissue loading system

BioE Resistor Brake fabrication

BMW 8 Channel pH probe amplifier

Animal & Veterinary Science