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About Us

About the Brooks Sports Insitiute


The Robert H. Brooks Sports Science Institute at Clemson University serves as a multi-disciplinary platform for the academic study of sport sciences across the University. Through the foundation of four Legacy Professors in motorsports engineering, sports communication, sports management and sports marketing, the institute will define, enhance and promote the role of sports in academia and society. The institute provides experiential learning opportunities through academic programs, research, sports organizations and support for service and outreach programs. Through all of its activities, the institute seeks to prepare people to perform at the highest levels within sports industries, as well as provide an acute understanding of the significance of sport in modern society.


The Robert H. Brooks Sports Science Institute will be the nation’s preeminent academic institute regarding the comprehensive study of sport sciences. It will engage faculty, staff and students from disciplines across the University in the study of sport, including enhancing individual and organizational performance, promoting human development, and improving the general health and social well-being of our communities.