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eNotice - April 2010

Latest Research

Dr. Flowers' study, "The Effects of Work on African American College Students" was published in a new book titled, Understanding the Working College Student: New Research and its Implications for Policy and Practice. Taking into account personal and institutional factors, results from the study suggest that working on-campus significantly increases the likelihood of engaging in experiences that enhance African American students' intellectual growth in college.

Cindy Roper explores South Carolina's historically Black colleges and universities. The study was published in a Research Brief that was produced at the Charles H. Houston Center.

Scholarly Presentations

Dr. Flowers presented research findings at the American Association for the Advancement of Science's Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA. This research was based on a National Science Foundation grant-funded project titled, "Mixed Methods Study of the Factors Influencing Recruitment, Retention, and Academic Achievement of Undergraduate Females and Males in STEM Disciplines at HBCUs" (Award Number, 0929148).

Cindy Roper presented, "A Firm Foundation: How Program Theory and Logic Models Can Build Evaluation Capacity in Community Organizations" at the Southeastern Evaluation Annual Conference in Tallahassee, FL. This presentation was a result of work done with Clemson University's Youth Learning Institute, supported by a grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, to help build organizational capacity in a predominantly low-income, minority community.

Noteworthy News

As part of our educational research workshop series titled, Issues in Educational Research: Understanding Diversity in Educational Environments, the Charles H. Houston Center offered its Spring 2010 Research Workshop. The workshop focused on analyzing descriptive statistics using the American Community Survey. Utilizing SPSS, a statistical software package, participants learned how to examine the relationship between race and educational attainment in South Carolina.


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