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eNotice - October 2011

Latest Research

Dr. Lamont A. Flowers, Distinguished Professor and Executive Director, co-authored a chapter in the book, Beyond Stock Stories and Folktales: African Americans’ Paths to STEM Fields. The aim of the book chapter was to examine the relationship between academic self-concept and career self-efficacy among African American males majoring in science and engineering at historically Black institutions.

Cindy Roper examined factors impacting science and engineering students success in science and engineering disciplines. The study was reported in a Research Brief that was produced at the Charles H. Houston Center.

Scholarly Presentations

Dr. Flowers, Dr. Roy Jones—Executive Director of Call Me MISTER®, and Winston E. Holton—Field Coordinator of Call Me MISTER® presented results from a cross-sectional study of Black male preservice teachers at the National Outreach Scholarship Conference in East Lansing, MI. The purpose of the presentation was to discuss data describing Black male preservice teachers’ educational outcomes.

Outreach and Service

The Charles H. Houston Center’s Office of Academic Excellence offered free SAT and ACT practice tests. These tests, provided by The Princeton Review, allow students to obtain realistic practice with the types of questions found on the actual exams. They also provide students with personalized scores, pinpointing their strengths and weaknesses.

Noteworthy News

Dr. Flowers was appointed to serve on the Board of Advisors of The Boys Initiative. The Boys Initiative works to support and enhance the development of young men.


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