Centers and Institutes

2010 News Releases

Charles H. Houston Center Executive Director presents at conference on diversity in science education

Educator appointed to National Education Finance Conference post

Fall research workshop concentrates on calculating and interpreting bivariate correlations

Disparities in education finance adversely affect school resources and equal opportunities

Charles H. Houston Center study measures job satisfaction among African American college faculty

Palmetto Ph.D. Project encourages students to pursue doctoral studies in education

Research reviews data on African American students in technical and community colleges

Study measures diversity among leaders in higher education

Charles H. Houston Center co-directs professional development experience for doctoral students

Researchers present study of African American males in science at national school counselor advocacy conference

Spring research workshop focuses on analyzing and presenting descriptive statistics

Political, economic policies could hinder educational progress for African Americans

New study shows jobs increase academic engagement for African-American students

Charles H. Houston Center Executive Director presents research at national science conference

Center helps non-profit organizations create ways to evaluate their programs

Report suggests South Carolina’s Historically Black Colleges form a consortium

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