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Executive director serves as webmaster for special interest group within the American Educational Research Association

CONTACT: Lamont A. Flowers

WRITER: Rachel Croft

CLEMSON – Dr. Lamont A. Flowers, executive director of the Charles H. Houston Center for the Study of the Black Experience in Education at Clemson University, has volunteered to serve as the Webmaster for the American Educational Research Association's Research Focus on Black Education Special Interest Group (RFBE SIG).

The Research Focus on Black Education SIG coordinates scholarly activities within the American Education Research Association for researchers, students, and administrators who focus on educational issues involving African Americans.

Dr. Flowers’ role as Webmaster is to improve the overall content and functionality of the RFBE SIG website. His duties will involve updating the website, enhancing the layout of the website, and utilizing the website to advance the study of the Black experience in education.

The Charles H. Houston Center shares in the RFBE SIG’s quest to enhance education by conducting research on critical topics and utilizing research to improve the educational system in America.