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Research and planning administrator will present at the Eastern Education Research Association’s Annual Conference

CONTACT: Cindy Roper

WRITER: Rachel Croft

CLEMSON – Cindy Roper, the Charles H. Houston Center’s Research and Planning Administrator, is scheduled to present at the Eastern Education Research Association’s 2013 Annual Conference. This conference will be held in the Hyatt Regency of Sarasota, Florida, on February 20-23.

Roper’s presentation will involve exploring alternative approaches to closing the achievement gap by using organizational theory as it relates to the Black experience in education. These strategies are designed to improve educational outcomes in school settings.

“We believe that this presentation focuses on issues that are critical to the academic achievement gap,” says Roper. “We hope to stimulate thoughtful dialogue that explores the deep structural and cultural aspects of the educational system that support these educational disparities.”

The Eastern Educational Research Association is a regional organization for educational professionals interested in disseminating educational research for the overall purpose of improving education for all.

The Charles H. Houston Center and the Eastern Education Research Association share the common goal of using educational research to benefit the education of the public.