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Charles H. Houston Center staff participates in research forum

CONTACT: Cindy Roper

WRITER: Rachel Croft

CLEMSON – Cindy Roper, Research and Planning Administrator at the Charles H. Houston Center and James E. Vines, Graduate Research Assistant at the Charles H. Houston Center, presented research findings at this year’s HEHD Research Forum held at Clemson University’s Hendrix Student Center on April 25, 2013.

The HEHD Research Forum enables participants to present research studies addressing current issues and trends. Roper and Vines’ presentation titled, “Does Race Really Matter in South Carolina Schools?” consisted of an academic poster displaying information about the significance of race in the educational system.

“This forum is an effective way of showing students and faculty key issues in our educational system today. Our poster provided the audience with a visual representation of the critical part race plays in educational achievement in South Carolina," said Roper.