Dan Simionescu, Ph.D.

SimonAssociate Professor
Ph.D. Biology, Institute of Cellular Biology and Pathology, Bucharest 1999

Research Interests
Minimally invasive therapy
Tissue Regeneration

Office 304 Rhodes Annex
Phone 864-656-5559

Biocompatibility and Tissue Regeneration Laboratory — Clemson University
Laboratory for Regenerative Medicine — Greenville Hospital System

Biocompatibility and Tissue Regeneration

Biomaterials: Cardiovascular and Orthopedic Applications
Artificial heart valves, vascular grafts, myocardial patches
Engineered intervertebral disc components
Biocompatibility testing in vitro and in vivo

Patient-Tailored Tissue Regeneration
Tissue and organ 3D reconstruction
Human mesenchymal stem cells
Organ-specific bioreactors
Tissue regeneration in pediatric patients

Tissue Engineering
Biological scaffolds with controlled degradation
Cues for stem cell differentiation
Living heart valves, arteries, veins, heart muscle
Functional viable intervertebral discs