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The Minor in Digital Production Arts

DPA Minor
The undergraduate minor in Digital Production Arts is designed so that students receive significant training across the artistic and technical disciplines that underlie computer animation, visual effects, and computer games. The Minor’s core is a new course in studio methods for 3D graphics and animation that will be centered on the open-source Blender system. The Minor also features new two-semester course sequences that teach computer scientists and engineers relevant foundation concepts in art, and that teach artists and architects relevant foundation concepts in computer science and mathematics. Students in other majors complete a subset of these courses. The DPA Minor will be officially offered beginning in the Fall of 2011. However, students wishing to select this minor may begin their coursework immediately.

The Minor in Digital Production Arts assists the student to develop the entry-level artistic and technical expertise necessary for effective production of 3D computer graphics and animation. The Minor is especially well suited for students wishing to pursue graduate study in Digital Production Arts. Appalachian Dreams

The Minor augments a core course in 3D modeling and animation, by technical and artistic tracks complementary to the student's major course of study.
Overview of DPA Minor

Layout by Major (course descriptions)
Group I
Computer Science,
Computer Engineering, or
Computer Information Systems Majors
DPA 402, 403 DPA 307 2 of:
GC 102, 340
ART 205, 213, 421
Group II
Art, or
Architecture Majors
DPA 400, 401 DPA 307 2 of:
CPSC 404, 405, 416, 419
Group III
All other Majors DPA 400, 401, 402 DPA 307 1 of:
CPSC 404, 405, 416, 419

Work samples from some courses in the DPA Minor
blender interface

DPA 307 - Studio Methods for Digital Procuction
Sarah portrait

DPA 403 - Visual Foundations for Digital Production II
quad tree

DPA 401 - Technical Foundations for Digital Production II
story board

DPA 402 - Visual Foundations for Digital Production I
walk cycle
ART 421 Two-Dimensional Digital Animation



CPSC 404 - Computer Graphics Images