General Engineering

About Us


Consistent with Clemson University's vision of becoming a top 20 national public university, we will be a leader in engineering education and student development, attracting and producing students who are prepared to succeed in their upper level courses and in the engineering profession.


Consistent with the College of Engineering and Science mission, we believe in the challenging yet supportive environment that underlies the Clemson tradition. The General Engineering Program seeks to create this environment by providing three main services to all incoming engineering students (ACE2).

Academic Advising: Our team of professional advisors provides information, support, guidance and motivation in course selection, major choice, success strategies and study techniques tailored to each student's individual needs. The General Engineering advisors know students by name and ensure that they receive the assistance needed to become successful students and graduates of Clemson University.

Career Counseling: General Engineering faculty and advisors work closely inside and outside the classroom to help students understand the challenge and satisfaction of an engineering career. General Engineering students are exposed to all engineering disciplines at Clemson from an academic and professional prospective. Students discover their interests, skills, and abilities and are assisted in matching these with a major that is the best fit for the individual student.

Engineering Education: General Engineering offers introductory courses that teach basic skills necessary for success in upper level engineering curricula and in the engineering professions. Our students will develop the ability to be responsible for their own education. The General Engineering faculty works closely with the faculty in the Department of Engineering and Science Education to develop and implement pedagogical and technological advancements to enhance the learning environment.