Video Trailer – Produced by Carly Summers

Songs – Written and Recorded by Austin Barrett

    A Bahamian Songbook including introductory comments

1. I Will Wait

2. When’s Your Ship Comin’ In

3. Be Cool for Daddy Cool

4. Thank You Song

5. These are the Days

6. Tiger Rag (Bahamian Style)

All of these songs were written or performed by Austin Barrett for the specific intent of Geology 375/H375 (Bahamian Field Study).

Bahamas 2011 169.JPG

Geology 375/H375 students performing Austin’s songs around the campfire at Forfar, Andros Island. Left to right: Adam Thompson, Austin Barrett, Carly Summers, and Austin Hodge.


Geology 375/H375 Course Instructor: Dr. James W. Castle (jcastle@clemson.edu or 864-656-5015), Department of Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences, Clemson University

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