Department of Mechanical Engineering

ME Graduate Student Poster Competition

On March 4th the second annual poster competition for ME graduate students sponsored by the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student Council. The event was held in the atrium of the Fluor Daniel building to coincide with the External Advisory Board meeting. Students presented their work in the form of posters and explained them to the visitors. The External Advisory Board judged this competition and will pick the top five Master’s level and top five PhD level posters. The top ten selected will make an oral presentation at the ME Graduate Conference Session to a faculty group and one winner from each group will be selected to receive an additional cash award for excellence in research.

Tianqi Hang  Parikshit Mehta Xinyu Lu Somaiah Thimmaiah Saurin Patel Amin Bibo Akshay Kale Luis F. Fernandez Jingyuan Yan Jian Zeng Blake Linnerud Meng Xu Kevin Murray Meghashyam Panyam Qing Mao Rahul Renu Sampath Dangeti Tianwei (Thomas) Wang

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