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Richard Figliola

Richard FigliolaDr. Richard Figliola
Thermal/Fluid Sciences
Office: 247 Fluor Daniel Building
Phone: 864.656.5635
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Email: fgliola 

Richard Figliola is Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Bioengineering at Clemson University. He has served previously as Department Chair. In 2011, he received the Class of 1939 Award for Excellence, Clemson University’s highest faculty award. A Fellow of ASME, he serves on the ASME PTC 19.1 - the National Committee on Experimental Test Uncertainty. Dr. Figliola has published extensively in the area of fluid and thermal transport and many of his publications discuss novel measurement methods. He is senior author of an engineering measurements textbook that is now its 5th edition. He holds 5 patents and has engineered several successful commercial products. He has a background in aerospace and heat transfer, which still occupy part of his research as they relate to air vehicle systems integration and uncertainty analysis. His research in biofluid mechanics involves experimental patient-specific models to better understand the hemodynamics associated with right heart congenital defects and single ventricle physiology. Since, January 2010 he has served as the US leader of the Leducq Foundation Transatlantic Network  focused on Single Ventricle Heart Defects, which involves 8 engineering and clinical centers in the US and Europe. His recent work is supported by the Leducq Foundation, NIH, National Science Foundation, and the US Air Force.


PhD, University of Notre Dame, 1979
MS, University of Notre Dame, 1976
BS, University of Notre Dame, 1974 

Research Interests

Fluid mechanics and energy transport in a broad range of engineered devices. Current funded projects: fluid mechanics of the right heart circulation and the single ventricle heart circulation; uncertainty quantification in engineering modeling. Sponsors: NIH, Leducq Foundation, Air Force Research Laboratory. 

Selected Publications

Vukicevic M, Conover T, Chiulli J, Pennati G., Hsia TY, Figliola RS. Mock Circulatory System of the Fontan Circulation to Study Respiration Effects on Venous Flow Behavior, ASAIO J, 2013;59(3).

Biglino G, Schievano S, Baker C, Giardini A., Figliola RS, Taylor A., Hsia TY, In-vitro study of the Norwood palliation: a patient-specific mock circulatory system, ASAIO Journal, 2012;58(1):25-31

Figliola RS, Giardini A, Conover T, Camp TA, Biglino G, Chiulli J, Hsia TY. In vitro simulation and validation of the circulation with congenital heart defects.  Progress in Pediatric Cardiology 30 (2010) 71–80