Department of Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering students should have curricular advising in advance of their assigned registration time. For curricular advising all current ME students will be advised by Dr. Biggers, Janeen Putman or Michael Freeman.

For all advising appointments for Summer 2014 and Fall 2014 registration, students are required to print the Registration Worksheet twice, complete both copies, and print a copy of your academic transcript. You will be asked to reschedule your appointment if you do not have these items.

Summer 2014 and Fall 2014 Advising

  1. We have hired another student services coordinator! His name is Michael Freeman and once he is trained, he and I will share advising (and other) responsibilities. He is located in my old office (106e Fluor Daniel). I have moved to 106B Fluor Daniel just across from his office.
  2. Advising will start immediately. To schedule an appointment, walk to our office door (the outer door to the 106 office area) and sign-up for a time. We will not take appointments via email due to the number of students that are in ME.

    1. This is the registration worksheet. It should be filled out, printed 2 times and brought to your appointment.
    2. Academic Transcript – This should be printed (the entire thing) and brought with you to your appointment. You can get to this in iROAR.
    3. You can schedule with Janeen Putman (106 Fluor Daniel) or Dr. Biggers (102 Fluor Daniel). PLEASE remember we have a lot of students to see between the two of us. We will get students in and out as quickly as possible, but please plan accordingly when signing up for an appointment. Seniors graduating in August and December, students registered with Disability Services, and NCAA athletes should sign up ASAP as you will register first. You can check when you register here:
    4. If you register later in April, PLEASE sign-up for a time close to your registration window to allow those who register before you to be advised before there window opens as well. This means that with the number of students we need to see, you should NOT wait to sign-up for an advising time either.
    5. If you are thinking of WITHDRAWING from a course – Please sign up for a time BEFORE March 14th. March 14th is the last day to withdraw from a course.
    6. Again, sign-up on the door of 106 Fluor Daniel for Janeen and 102 for Dr. Biggers. EITHER is fine.
    7. If you are CURRENTLY on CO-OP, you will receive a separate message with instructions.

  3. If you plan to CO-OP in the fall semester 2014, please fill out this form:
  4. Seniors - This is the Technical Elective Requirement sheet. The courses highlighted in orange are those ME technical electives that will be offered this Fall 2014.