Department of Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering students should have curricular advising in advance of their assigned registration time. For curricular advising all current ME students will be advised by Dr. Biggers, Janeen Putman or Michael Freeman.

For all advising appointments for Spring 2015 registration, students are required to print the Registration Worksheet twice, complete both copies, and print a copy of your academic transcript. You will be asked to reschedule your appointment if you do not have these items.

Spring 2015 Advising

Advising will start Tuesday Oct. 21st. To schedule an appointment, walk to our office door (the outer door to the 106 office area) and sign-up for a time. We will not take appointments via email due to the number of students that are in ME.

ME 2000 students:
You will be advised in class – please look for an email with specific details. Half of you will report to class on Tuesday Oct. 28th and half of you will report to class on Thursday Oct. 30th. There will be items you MUST bring with you to class to be prepared (the Registration Worksheet and additional items outlined below).

Students new to ME not in ME 2000:
You will be advised in mandatory meetings – the dates and times will be sent via email shortly. You will need the Registration Worksheet as well as additional items.

Students CURRENTLY on CO-OP:
We will advise you via email – please look for a specific email with details.

You will be advised by Janeen Putman. Please sign-up for an appointment with her ASAP on the wall outside, this week is reserved for you with Janeen. Also, please fill out THIS form for technical electives. This form will be the ONLY way you can enroll in a TE this spring.

Please sign-up for an advising time with Dr. Biggers, Michael Freeman, or Janeen Putman. All will have sheets posted outside their offices by this afternoon (Monday 10/20). Please bring the following to your meeting:

  1. Registration worksheet (linked above) filled out and printed TWICE
  2. A copy of your transcript from iROAR

If you are not prepared for your meeting or if you miss your scheduled meeting, you will be required to reschedule after Nov. 12th.