Programs for Educational Enrichment and Retention (PEER)

About PEER

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One mission of Clemson’s College of Engineering and Science is to be “a national model for diversity in faculty, staff, and students.”  Since 1987, the Programs for Educational Enrichment and Retention (PEER) Office has played a vital role in supporting that mission through service to under-represented students in math, science, and engineering. 

The purpose of PEER is to help freshman minority students adjust to their new life at Clemson and excel academically in their chosen field of study. 

How can PEER help me?

As you begin your education in a engineering, math, or science field you may encounter some challenges. PEER is here to help you excel in your program and achieve your goals. We will help you develop effective study skills, time-management techniques and self discipline. Over the years, we've developed award-winning services in support of our students. The PEER mentors, Fluor Engineering and Science Study Hall, and PEER Office services are all designed to support your personal plan for achievement.