Programs for Educational Enrichment and Retention (PEER)

Math Excellence Workshop (MEW)

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What is MEW?

Math Excellence Workshop (MEW) is open to all incoming Clemson University minority students majoring in computer science, engineering, the life sciences, the physical sciences or mathematics. This workshop allows students to take either the pre-calculus or calculus class during the second session of summer school at Clemson.

Sponsored by the Louis Stokes - South Carolina Alliance for Minority Participation (LS-SCAMP), Duke Energy, and the College of Engineering and Science, the Math Excellence Workshop has received national recognition for promoting superior mathematical understanding.

MEW is an intense experience, and the students who choose to participate average much higher grades than other students in their math classes. Even better, they find they're prepared with the knowledge and study skills they need to master the technical classes that lie ahead in their majors.

How Do I Apply?

After you are admitted to Clemson University in one of the disciplines mentioned above, you will automatically be sent an invitation to apply to MEW by April 30th preceding your freshman year at Clemson.

*Should you fail to receive an invitation by April 30th preceding your freshman year at Clemson, please email

MEW Application