Programs for Educational Enrichment and Retention (PEER)

Student Spotlight

France Jackson and her advisor Dr. Juan E. Gilbert in the Human-Centered Computing Lab

France L. Jackson

France, a PhD candidate in Human Centered Computing, entered Clemson as a freshman in 2007. Her undergraduate degree is a B.S. in industrial engineering. 

She has been active with PEER and WISE since her freshman year, and has served as a PEER mentor since her junior year, a position she continues to hold as a graduate student.  "I like being involved with the freshmen." France explains, "I enjoy helping them become better engineering students and better people in general. As a mentor it makes me proud to see my first set of mentees graduate this year with their engineering degrees. And wear their Clemson ring proudly as alumni of the college of engineering and science."

What drew France to Clemson and made her decide to stay here for graduate school?

"Being from Columbia, I never considered coming to Clemson growing up. It wasn't until high school that I realized how great of a school Clemson actually was and how much of an engineering power house we are. I decided to stay here for graduate school because I have a strong support system here. PEER is a large part of that support system. I've grown to love Clemson over the years and I really wanted to continue my research with my advisor, Dr. Juan E. Gilbert."

Her research here at Clemson, France explains, has really helped her grow as a researcher, user experience expert, and team leader. Working at Intel, helped her get great real world experience leading a team of technical engineers while helping them see the value of usability. 

In her free time, France enjoys spending time with her Delta sisters, serving others, shopping, and learning new things.