Women in Science and Engineering

women in science and engineering


Charles Lander

Charles Lander
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Level: Super Senior

Awards/Honors: Dean’s List; Coca-Cola Scholarship; BS Economics Degree Clemson University 08’

Future Goals: I hope to utilize the innovative approaches I have been taught through engineering to develop new products, ultimately allowing me to create my own company.

I am looking forward to working with WISER to help share my knowledge with the next generation of Tigers. This type of mentorship and networking will also help me develop the interpersonal skills necessary to succeed in industry.

Catherine McGough

Catherine McGough
Major: Electrical Engineering
Level: Undergraduate Senior

Awards/Honors: Co-authored an FIE Conference Paper, "Work in Progress: Audio Reflections Provide Evidence of Metacognition during Students’ Problem Solving Attempts” Co-authored a published and presented paper at ASEE National Conference 2011 “Technology Adoption Behaviors in a First Year Engineering Classroom”

Future Goals: I am planning on continuing my education in order to ultimately get my Ph.D. in Electrical or Nuclear Engineering with a research emphasis in Engineering Education and Fission Energy.

I always enjoy working with the WISE, so I am grateful for the opportunity to give back the the WISE community. Education is my passion, and as a tutor, I hope that I am able to bring new perspectives on subjects in which students may feel stuck.