Women in Science and Engineering

women in science and engineering

The WISE Experience

This years "The WISE Experience" will be held during MiniMester Summer Session II in collaboration with the Engineering Immersion Program.

Clemson University’s “The WISE Experience” is a program for incoming freshman women majoring in general engineering, math, or science.

Live on campus and experience a college atmosphere complete with dining halls and classes. The counselors are Clemson undergraduate women majoring in science, mathematics, or engineering. They’ll live with the girls to assist during the program and oversee activities in the residence halls.

wise experience

You’ll find a variety of engineering, math and science classes:

Engineering — learn about the many engineering majors at Clemson and the variety of research areas and meet other women majoring in engineering, science and math.
Math — prepare for your first college math course with this introductory class
Science — participate in complex science experiments
You’ll also learn about the many undergraduate research opportunities at Clemson through the University’s Center for Advanced Engineering Fibers and Films, one of the program sponsors.

wise experience

Enjoy a wide choice of recreational opportunities when you’re not in classes. Go bowling on campus, play pool, shop, or just watch movies in the lounge. Campers also have the option to participate in scavenger hunts and board games.

Come to Clemson for a week this summer and get a glimpse of what your freshman year will be like. Meet other women in your major. Take classes in engineering, science, or math. You can do it through “The WISE Experience”.

For more information contact: Serita Acker, wserita@clemson.edu.

Serita W. Acker, Mthrd, GCDF |Director, Women in Science and Engineering
College of Engineering and Science, Clemson University
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