Women in Science and Engineering

women in science and engineering

Engineering Majors at Clemson

Electrical and Electroncs Engineering
Design electrical components of many common products, such as personal computers, CD players and video games.  Electrical/electronic engineers design the means to provide the homes and businesses of America with electricity.

Mechanical Engineering
Design mechanical products and how to make them.  As a mechanical engineer you could work with cars, the space shuttle, or even post-it notes.

Can study several different areas, one of which is prosthetics, the replacement of body parts.  A prosthetic engineer designs mechanisms to work like the human body.

Industrial Engineering
Find the most efficient and safest use of machinery, labor, and raw materials in production processes.  An ergonomics engineer, one type of industrial engineer, could work on improving a vehicle by making the controls easier to use of the seat more comfortable.

Biosystems Engineering
Graduates of biosystems engineering degree programs can use their expertise in many areas. They may be part of a team that pioneers a scientific breakthrough in biotechnology or work to preserve and protect the earth and its resources. The systems they design for the life support of plants and animals may include structures, machines, processes, management models, energy systems or controlled environments.

Chemical Engineering
Design and evaluate processes used to manufacture chemicals and other materials.  They also develop products from these materials such as plastic, metal, food, and gasoline.

Civil Engineering
Work closely with other engineers and architects.  They design and oversee the construction of structures like office buildings and airports.  They may also work on transportation systems like highways and bridges.

Computer Engineering
Work in areas of production, maintenance, and design of computers and their related systems such as CD roms, modems and monitors.  They also operate computers to solve scientific and engineering problems.

Environmental Engineering
Are concerned with the environment and its proper management.  They deal with issues like waste management, pollution control and irrigation.

Ceramics & Materials Engineering
Find new ways of fabricating and using materials such as plastics, ceramics, and metals.  They work closely with product designers to find materials that meet a new product needs.