EFNEP - Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program


StrawberriesHow do I choose and prepare food that is healthy? How can I afford what I need and want for my family? How can I reduce my family's health risks?

These questions are especially challenging for those with limited resources. Clemson University's Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) helps answer these questions.

Since 1969, EFNEP has helped more than 600,000 children and youth, as well as more than 100,000 adults, gain knowledge and practical skills to make positive behavior changes in the areas of nutrition, food safety, food resource management and physical activity.

EFNEP is delivered by Nutrition educator assistants (NEAs) who are trained in basic food, nutrition, and health topics by area coordinators, EFNEP associates, and faculty from Clemson University. There are 20 EFNEP NEAs across the state who teach a series of lessons based on MyPyramid and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. The hands-on, learn-by-doing approach allows the participants to make positive behavior change. EFNEP children and youth participate in a series of educational lessons geared at helping them to eat better and be more physically active through programs such as Color Me Healthy, Jump Into Food and Fitness and EatFit.


In 2009, 910 families and 8,833 children and youth participated in the program. Results of their participation indicate that more than 88 percent of program participants show improvement in one or more nutrition practices; 48 percent increase their physical activity levels; 66 percent show improvement in one or more food safety practices; and 87 percent increase food resource management practices.

For 40 years, EFNEP has helped children, youth and young families develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behavior needed to eat smart and move more.