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Carolina Clear Home

Carolina Clear is a program of the Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service that educates communities about water quality, water quantity, and the cumulative effects of stormwater. By highlighting the significance of South Carolina’s water resources to our economy, environmental health, and overall quality of life, we work through regional partnerships to protect and preserve these resources for future generations. Carolina Clear partners with city, county, and local education partners to encourage pollution prevention in our communities.


Carolina Clear strives to meet the needs of South Carolinians by providing education programs that result in changes in daily behavior and improved awareness of stormwater-related issues. Carolina Clear works hand-in-hand with environmental educators, colleges and universities, municipalities, counties, stormwater engineers, and local non-profits, and capitalizes on resources available through Clemson University and the Cooperative Extension Service. We are constantly developing new workshops, resources, and tools to meet the educational needs of our community partners. Visit our Programs and Regional Consortium pages to find out more.

SC Stormwater Rules

In accordance with federal legislation, South Carolina manages stormwater through a permitting process which is administered by the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC). The stormwater rules require all construction sites of one acre or more, many industrial sites, and all regulated Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4s) obtain a stormwater permit. More information about SC's municipal stormwater rules can be found here.

Carolina Clear currently works with MS4 partners to address the first two of six stormwater permit requirements:

  1. Public education and outreach
  2. Public participation and involvement
  3. Illicit discharge detection and elimination
  4. Construction site runoff control
  5. Post-construction site runoff control
  6. Pollution prevention/ good housekeeping