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Senate Leadership

Senate Officers

Danny Weathers                   
John Whitcomb
Vice President
Mikel Cole

Committee Chairs

Elliot Jesch
Finance Committee Chair
Kimberly Paul
Policy Committee Chair
Patrick Warren 
Research Committee Chair
Peter Laurence 
Scholastic Policies Committee Chair
Betty Baldwin
Welfare Committee Chair 



Senate Staff

Faculty Senate Staff, Clemson University, Clemson SC

The Faculty Senate Office personnel directs and supports four interwoven, mission-critical faculty governance units of the University: Faculty Senate, Grievance Board, Faculty Manual, and Faculty Representative to the Board of Trustees; and, three faculty awards and related events.

You can reach any/all staff personnel at

  • Office Address:
    414 Cooper Library (office location)
    116 Sigma Drive (mailing address)
    Clemson, SC 29634

  • William Everroad, University Faculty Governance Director and Faculty Senate Parliamentarian
    Chelsea Waugaman, University Faculty Governance Coordinator

    UPIC Intern:
    Maddie Dunn