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FY2015 General and Administrative Charge Assessment

Auxilary Enterprises

FY 2015 Assessment @ 6% Rate

Food Service 1,127,462
Telecommunications 287,610
Athletics 2,992,009
Housing 1,807,748
Vending 67,569
Parking 255,459
Tiger 1 Card 45,428
Postal Operations 22,146
Student Health Center 436,250
Bookstore 82,955
Apple Store 194,993
TigerTel 703
Public Service Activities 1,871,651

Auxiliary Note: For planning purposes the proposed FY2015 Calculation for Auxiliaries is being provided at 6% of  FY2013 total revenues in fund16; these revenues include auxiliary revenue, gifts, recoveries, student fee revenue, and other miscellaneous revenues. Transfers are not included.